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Phone: 505-832-6840

Location: 2113 Rte 66, Moriarty, NM 87035

Looking forward to the three year aniversary, for The Whole Kit N Caboodle.We will be having a party with refreshment and munchies. Love to see you!

  Will be having a raffle drawing for the wonderful quilt donated by Linda Rea. All hand done by her mother. Other gifts will be raffle off as well. Come and join the food and fun. The raffle ticket is three dollars .

 The donation will be going to the Estancia Bears athletic department. Coach Eric Lucero will draw the winner.    We will be celebrating on saturday         July 17 2021 . Can't wait see you there!

Store Gallery

#18 Color ,color,color is what your find in the vendor space.

#10 So much to see, you can always find something vintage.

#19 Just amazing talant between her hand-made journals to 

the chicken towels.

#18 The antique windows hang with pride ,they are so 

beatuiful. I can see them over a bed.

#58 Gather around a hand-painted table for the feast.

1950's glassware is sweet too!

#34 This vendor is having a great sale 30% off everything.

#58 THis dressing cabinet has desk, cabinet shelving, and three drawers

to boot. Yes boots can fit too.

#58 Check out this antique dresser.Some like paint and some

like none. The glass handles make it for me!


#58 Small secertary for small space. 

#10 The canister and crocks she has are adorable.

#10 Just can't stop smiling the apple of my heart.

#58 Have a seat and make yourself pretty as you are.

#80 Great wash stand table . Don't get caught in the ringer.


#80 Time to sew the old fashion way! Fashion did change.

#58 She is so pretty. Dressed up and ready to go.

#99 Love to see what new in this booth changes all the time.

#99 Hand-made stools to shelf units can be found here.

Made by the owners of this booth.


#17 This wheelbarrel is a bad temptation, PLEASE take it away.

#46 This vendor you can always find something know one else has.

#58 Same dresser but this one has color, yes it was painted.

#19 Great toy chest for grandmas' house.

#19 You can see the farm house crocks but you can't see 

the antique blue ball jars.

#92 This vendor is very talented. The paint job has so much color.

#76 From mexico pots to blankets. SO much to choose from.

#76 Check out the new yard art there is lots. Plus old old books.

#1 Mention seen on web site get this piece only, for 25% off.

The piece would look awsome at the end of a bed.

Only this white piece of furniture will be discounted 

#19 Tea for two.What a great set.

#19 Not only you can find hand-made gifts you can also find

vintage material to make you owm goodies.

#24 Just waiting to go home with you this oak hoosier is sweet.

#24 Time to shop at The Whole Kit N Caboodle.Seeyou soon!

#1 The store has everthing for weddings to tea parties.

You can find teacups , plates, teapots, tablecloths and napkins.

#58 Lots of storage in this stlyish piece of furniture.

#58 This stylish dresser is awesome, check out the inside lots