Flea Market

We will be back in May 27 th 2023 see you there!

Howdy all, The Whole Kit 'N Caboodle  would like to remind you that May 27 th 2023 we will begin our flea markets again. On the first flea market we will be holding our first plant sale .Start planting your plants in coffee cans, jugs, what ever container you have! So get geared up for next year .Get ready to release the extra flow of goodies or come and find some treasures. We will have five flea markets next year. Once a month starting in May and ending in September. Just going to be good as last years flea markets,really even better. I want to take the time to thank all that were able to set up. Also the people that stop to shop . Well the next awesome flea market is coming up next year. Give a call to save your space. Until we meet again!                                                                                                                          

May 27th

June 24th

July 22nd

August 26th

September 23rd

Here at The Whole Kit 'N Caboodle we are hosting our local flea market. $10.00 Per Space. Great location right along the historic Route 66!

Starting in May & ending in September, our fleamarkets are on  the fourth saturday of the month.

Book your space in advance!

Call 505-832-6840

2113 Rte 66, Moriarty, NM 87035